Becoming Recommended to Adopt

Upon completion of your training and home study, your home study will be presented to the Indiana Adoption Council for recommendation. Recommendation allows a prospective adoptive parent to:

  • review child summaries (detailed reports) of children in need of foster and/or adoptive homes
  • access a secure parent portal where additional information about their specific inquiries can be reviewed
  • receive invitations to Indiana Adoption Program’s Meet & Greet events

Licensed Foster Parents

If you are a licensed foster parent with an active license in good standing with the State of Indiana, your agency may present your home for recommendation at any time.

Recommendation for licensed foster families is valid for one year, and can be renewed annually with an updated SAFE home study.

Adoption-Only Families

If you are not a licensed foster parent in the State of Indiana, your agency must present your home to the Indiana Adoption Council for recommendation.

Recommendation for adoption-only families is valid for two years.

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