About Indiana's Waiting Children

We get a lot of questions about the children and youth in Indiana Adoption Program. Who are they? Where are they currently living? How old are they? What type of challenges have they overcome, and what might they still be struggling with? We understand the desire to have as much information as possible before inquiring about a waiting child. We also have a responsibility to maintain a child’s privacy, and to allow them to tell their own stories, in their own time. 

All of Indiana’s waiting children have this in common: they come from “hard places.” Many have endured neglect or abuse, and all have experienced the trauma of having to leave their home. Children who endure neglect, abuse, or trauma can face many emotional or medical challenges. All of them need parents who will support them in overcoming these challenges throughout their life.

All of Indiana’s waiting children also have this in common: they are children, with hopes and dreams, favorite foods and sports teams, unique talents and personalities. Though they may struggle to trust adults, they are loving and resilient and courageous. Their laughter can be contagious, and they can bring incredible joy to those around them. They are all in need of love and guidance. They all need to belong, and to know that they are part of a family that will not give up on them.

Nearly all of the children and youth in Indiana Adoption Program are over the age of 8. The majority are between 11-16 and are male. Many are part of sibling groups, so families who want and can provide for multiple children are especially needed. They come from various ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds. Most are residing in foster homes around the state, although some are in residential facilities or group living situations. None of them asked to be in the situation they are currently in, but all of them have a need for a permanent family.

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