Adopting in Indiana

Types of Adoption

It’s important to do your research when deciding which type of adoption is best for your family. There are four basic types of adoption: public agency, domestic private agency, international, and independent. Requirements, costs, and timing will vary between and within these different types. 

How Much Does It Cost to Adopt?

Public Agency

Private Agency

International Adoption

Independent Adoption

Costs cited above are provided by North American Council on Adoptable Children. Adoption costs can vary by type and complexity of adoption; the numbers shown here are average “up to” costs. For more detail, please visit our Types of Adoption page. You may also want to visit our Adoption Expenses page for information on ways to cover or assist with adoption expenses.

How Long Does The Adoption Process Take?

Most adoptive parents can meet all state requirements in 6 to 12 months. That doesn’t mean that your adoption will be final in that time, though. Families are considered for waiting children in Indiana Adoption Program based on characteristics that indicate they may be a good match and able to best meet that child’s individual needs. Once a family and a child are matched, the child’s move to an adoptive family’s home is based on the child’s need to make a stable and lasting transition. 

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