Post-Permanency Services

Even in the healthiest of families, adjusting to a significant change like adoption can be a long process. Some adopted children have needs that require specialized services and skills but don’t become apparent until after the adoption. Often when families reach out for help, they are in crisis mode and don’t know how to re-stabilize their family.

This is where post-permanency services can help! Complete the form below and your adoption consultant will complete a referral for a comprehensive assessment to identify the strengths and needs of your child and family.

DCS and its service providers work to provide strengths-based, family-centered services that promote family stability and allow for consistent progress toward actionable goals. Don’t wait until your family is at a point of crisis to contact your adoption consultant about post-permanency services.


Post-Adoption Services Form

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Questions about Post-Adoption Services?

We’d love to answer them!

Just reach out to your local Adoption Consultant or contact Lifeline Youth & Family Services.

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