Local Adoption Contacts

Often working behind the scenes, adoption consultants do some of the most critical work of Indiana Adoption Program. They collaborate with a child’s team to identify the right family for a child, and assist with preparing the child or sibling group for the transition into a forever family. Adoption consultants also serve as a key contact for prospective adoptive families, and assist with answering questions, scheduling training courses, and shepherding the families through the home study and recommendation process.

Ivraline Applewhite (Regions 1 & 2)

Michelle Nell (Regions 3 & 4)

Whitney Smith (Regions 5, 6, & 11)

Heather Click (Regions 7, 12, & 15)

Sharon Grayson (Region 10)

Denise Donaldson (Regions 8, 13, 16, & 17)

Beth Dillon (Regions 9, 14, & 18)

Michelle Savieo (Adoption Program Manager)

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