Indiana Licensed Child Placing Agencies & DCS Offices

Indiana Adoption Program works with LCPAs and DCS offices across the state to match Indiana families with Indiana's Waiting Children. To help your families get matched with pre-adoptive placements, your families will first need to become Recommended to Adopt.

Why Should Your Families Become Recommended to Adopt?

Recommendation allows a prospective parent to:

  • receive profiles of children in need of foster and/or adoptive homes

  • inquire on Indiana's Waiting Children, many of whom are featured in our online photolisting

  • receive child summaries (detailed reports) in response to inquiries

  • receive invitations to Adoption Meet & Greet Events


Additional Profiles:

You may have seen profiles of Indiana's Waiting Children on Some children in Indiana Adoption Program are not featured on that site because although they have a case plan goal of adoption, the court has not yet terminated parental rights (TPR).

In these cases, a family would need to be willing to accept a child as a pre-adoptive placement while termination of parental rights is pending. Often in these cases, the court will not TPR until a pre-adoptive home* has been identified. These children's profiles cannot be shared publicly; however, they can be shared with Recommended families.

*For cases where TPR is pending, the prospective family must have an active Foster Care license.



What Training Is Needed For A Family To Become Recommended?

To become Recommended to Adopt, your families (either licensed foster homes or adoptive home study homes) will need to complete Resource and Adoptive Parent Training (RAPT) I - IV through your agency or office.

Do Licensed Foster Families Need To Be Recommended?

Yes. However, effective January 2020, families that are licensed foster parents do not need to be presented to the Indiana Adoption Council for recommendation. Instead, the licensing worker (whether DCS or LCPA) will need to:


1. Complete the Adoption Recommendation Form

2. Email the Adoption Recommendation Form along with the family's original home study and the most current SAFE update (if applicable) to with the subject line [Family Last Name] - Licensed Foster Family Seeking A Recommendation To Adopt.

Once all documents are received, they will be reviewed and the family's information will be provided to the Adoption Liaison for the assigned region. 

Note: The recommendation for licensed foster families will be valid for one year, and will need to be updated annually when the SAFE update is complete.

How To Present Adoption-Only Families For Recommendation To Adopt

If the family is not a licensed foster family, they must be presented to the Indiana Adoption Council. To present a family to Council, you will need to:

1. Complete the Adoption Recommendation Form

2. Email the form plus the signed home study and SAFE case files to with the subject line [Family Last Name] - Unlicensed and Seeking A Recommendation To Adopt.


Indiana Adoption Program will review the information and send questions to the home study preparer about the home study prior to the family being scheduled for presentation. If a family is recommended by majority vote of the Indiana Adoption Council, the agency/office and family will be notified and can begin the matching process.


Note:  Families to be presented at Indiana Adoption Council must be submitted by the first Friday of the month in order to be reviewed and scheduled for that month's Council meeting.

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