Thrives on structure and one-and-one time

Zoey (9135)

Zoey is a sweet girl who desires to show and receive love and acceptance from a forever family! Playing with dolls and stuffed animals is one of her favorite things to do, and she’s always up for a quick fashion show or make-up session. With her big imagination, she loves creative games, arts and crafts.

Recently, Zoey has made great strides in learning to express her emotions and share her feelings. She’s an active kid who could enjoy structured extracurricular activities as long as they are not over-stimulating. Like many children her age, Zoey can sometimes have difficulty staying on task, but she has been working hard and making progress in that regard. Zoey is a creative, fun-loving girl who lights up when she receives a kind word!

Zoey would do well in either a single-parent home with supports, or a two-parent family. She does well with older children, so if there are any other children in the home, they should be older than Zoey. However, her team feels it would be best if there are no other children in the home, so that Zoey can get all the attention and support that she deserves.

Parents should be able to commit to spending one-on-one time with Zoey, as that’s where she really thrives. Zoey needs a family that provides structure and routine, where she can predict what each day will entail. Interested families should understand how trauma can impact a child.

Howard County

Birthday: May 2009

Child ID: 9135

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