Animal lover who loves to chat

Zion (9616)

Zion is very social and loves spending time with her friends or making new ones! She cares deeply for her friends and family and always takes time out of her day to make sure they feel loved! She likes to talk on the phone and catch up with people, she could spend hours talking. She’s very funny and great at making people laugh!

Music is very important to Zion and her two favorite genres are country and R&B, she’s got a great singing voice and would like to join the choir soon! She can play the flute but may be interested in trying out some new instruments. One of her favorite activities is heading out to a pet store or animal shelter and playing with the animals. She’d like to have her own someday!

Zion would do well in either a one-parent or two-parent home and would love siblings her age or older. She loves animals so she would appreciate a forever family that came with any pets except cats. She thrives in a calm environment with parents who make communication a priority. She likes to be included in discussions about upcoming events or changes to schedules.

Delaware County

Birthday: October 2007

Child ID: 9616

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