Professional football player in the making

Zayne (8916B)

Zayne is a funny kid who loves to be the center of attention! In his free time he likes to play video games or sports, two hobbies he really wants to be able to share with a forever family. His favorite sports are baseball and football and one day he wants to become a professional football player! If that doesn’t work out he has a back-up plan: he’d like to join the military. Zayne is a big animal lover and hopes that wherever he ends up has a cat and a dog, (although he would really love to have a pet fox!). When not active on the field, he likes to spend some time relaxing in his room and collecting Pokemon cards.

Zayne would do well in either a two-parent or one-parent home with support. He’d be happy with siblings, especially if they’re his age or older so that they can hang out together. Zayne needs stability, support, and consistent communication. It’s important to Zayne that he be included in decisions about his future. Patience will be key to a smooth transition. Zayne has siblings with whom he would like to maintain contact. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on children. 

Elkhart County

Birthday: March 2009

Child ID: 8916B

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