Loves fishing and his dog Buddy

Zander (8848)

Zander loves to help! He is a pleasant, funny boy who is eager to please. He enjoys going to the library and using the computer. He will play video games and watch animated YouTube videos. He enjoys playing LEGOs, watching Pokemon, and fishing. Zander will fish all day if he could!

Zander has a dog named Buddy who is his best friend. In the future, Zander hopes to have his own YouTube Channel, and would be thrilled if his adoptive parents were YouTubers as well.

Zander would thrive in a family where he can feel safe and loved. Zander wants a family that will care for him, have fun, and live with Buddy. Structure and consistency are important for Zander to thrive in an adoptive home. He does best when he has an established routine. A family that will take him to the library or play outside with him would be beneficial to Zander. He should be encouraged to play with others to help his social skills blossom. (8848) Allen County

Allen County

Birthday: 10/23/08

Child ID: 8848

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