Loves Minecraft and his dog Buddy

Zander (8848)

Wherever Zander goes, Buddy the dog is with him! These two best friends are quite a pair, and Zander is very proud to show off all the tricks he has taught Buddy. Zander doesn’t really spend his time watching movies or reading books, as he would much rather be doing arts and crafts or playing with Buddy.

For fun, Zander likes going to the library and using the computer, where will play video games and watch animated YouTube videos. His interest in Minecraft has given him a desire to be a YouTuber someday, and would be thrilled if his adoptive parents were YouTubers as well. Like in Minecraft, Zander likes to build things, especially with Legos.

When he’s adopted, Zander would love to decorate his room in his prized Pokémon collection, and maybe even have more pets in his new home. Those close to Zander are real proud of how far he’s come in his lifetime. He’s sweet, helpful and attentive, and is happy to share with others. Zander would thrive in a family where he can feel safe and loved. He will test parents’ commitment to him, so it’s essential that an adoptive family is calm, has firm boundaries, and assures Zander of his permanent place in a family. While they should be loving, Zander needs parents who are more authoritative versus passive. They will need to be patient and able to see past Zander’s behaviors as he adjusts to an adoptive home.

Structure and consistency are important for Zander to thrive in an adoptive home. He does best when he has an established routine. A family that will take him to the library or play outside with him would be beneficial to Zander. He should be encouraged to play with others to help his social skills blossom. Zander wants a family that will care for him, and have fun with him and Buddy.

Allen County

Birthday: October 2008

Child ID: 8848

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