Kind, hard-working teen with lots of interests

Zackary (9245)

If you’ve been looking for a teen with a wide variety of interests, look no further than Zackary! Like many teen boys, he loves video games and watching YouTube – but those are just some of his eclectic tastes. If you need another player for your basketball or volleyball team, Zackary’s up for it! If you’re trying to decide on a new pet for your family, Zackary’s got some ideas: how about a cat? Or, even better, a ferret? When it’s his turn to pick dinner and a movie, you’re going to end up ordering Lo Mein noodles, and probably watching “Sold.” And if he has any say in a family vacation destination, Zackary’s vote is likely going to be for Canada.

Zackary wants prospective families to know that he really loves math, and hopes to become a computer programmer someday (preferably a famous one with lots of money!). He describes himself as kind-hearted and hard-working, and would really like to have a family that is caring and wants to do activities with him.  

Zackary would do well in a two-parent home, and would especially like to have a mom and dad and siblings who share his interests. Parents should have time and interest in the extracurriculars that Zackary enjoys, and should also be able to encourage him to explore new things. An active family that enjoys the outdoors and is adventurous would be ideal for Zackary. He thrives on a consistent schedule and clear expectations. Families will need to demonstrate patience during a transition into the home. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Vigo County

Birthday: September 2004

Child ID: 9245

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