Loves Spanish and computers

Zachary (9454)

Bienvenidos! If you’re looking for someone who loves different cultures and languages, Zachary is your guy! He’s proud of the progress he’s made in his Spanish classes and is getting pretty good at conversations. He’s got big plans for the future and would like to be an interpreter or a computer programmer — maybe both! Math and computer science come naturally to Zachary, and he wants to study at least one of them in college.

Zachary loves to laugh and is always happy to sit down and watch some comedic movies with his friends. He’s and easygoing guy, and when asked what type of family he wants, it was no surprise that Zachary said he wants them to be like him: “nice, laidback, and funny.” 

Zachary would do well in either a single- or two-parent home without other children; if there are other children they need to be older by a few years so he gets plenty of attention and support. He thinks he would like to be an only child, though. Parents who can show patience and understanding during the transition are ideal. 

He does best in a structured, calm environment where he knows what expectations are on him daily. Zachary is a resilient teen who knows how to advocate for himself, and appreciates when he feels heard and acknowledged. Families should be prepared to help meet Zachary’s needs over time, and help navigate the services that are available to him. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Montgomery County

Birthday: May 2006

Child ID: 9454

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