Always ready to lend a helping hand

Zachariah (9077)

Zachariah, who prefers to go by Zach, is a funny, playful kid who is always looking for something to do. If the weather is nice, Zach will probably ask to go outside to shoot some hoops, ride his bike, or hop on his pogo stick. And he’ll take flight, too – Zach could jump all afternoon on the trampoline. While Zach likes to exercise, he also enjoys down time playing Legos, or having one-on-one reading time with his foster family.

His caring demeanor shows at home, too. He’ll often offer to help around the house, or just check in to see how you’re doing! Learning comes naturally to this intelligent and inquisitive young man, and he enjoys discovering new things, and likes to flex his creativity by painting and doing crafts.

Zach would do well in either a single parent or two-parent family where he can receive plenty of one-on-one attention. He adjusts easily to having other children around, so Zach might appreciate having older siblings, especially brothers, who he can learn positive behaviors from.

He needs a stable family where he is encouraged to be a kid and knows that he is safe. Zach is an active child with lots of energy, so a family that enjoys sports and other activities would be ideal. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on a child.

Lake County

Birthday: 6/17/11

Child ID: 9077

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