Siblings who value friends and family

Xzavier and Paul (9079BC)
NOTE: These siblings are being recruited with their older brother, who has not consented to be included in online recruitment listings.

Xzavier and Paul are creative, social, independent, and just all-around likable teens! They are loving and kind, and both readily admit that their friends and family are incredibly important to them. They have a strong desire to be adopted with their older brother. 

Self-described as caring, introverted, and sensitive, Xzavier can actually be a pretty bubbly, funny guy when he’s comfortable around you. Paul is even funnier, and always ready with jokes. He loves getting a laugh from folks in the room — it’s a real talent, and he’s known as the comedian of his friend group!

A talented and creative individual, art is a huge source of inspiration for Xzavier. He’s quick to learn new techniques and skills to enhance his artwork. One of his goals is to go to college to study animation — but he enjoys dance, talent shows, and playing the flute! As if those activities aren’t fun enough, Xzavier also likes playing chess, caring for animals, and listening to music. 

Xzavier’s not the only one who has many interests, though. Paul enjoys long boarding, soccer, and football, but especially loves technology. He’s part of Future Farmers of America, and also performs in musicals with his school choir. When he graduates, Paul wants to study aeronautical engineering in college…but for now, he’ll settle for “studying” the intricacies of Fortnite, Rocket League, and Call of Duty! 

Both Xzavier and Paul do well in school and have close-knit social circles. Like most teens, they value their independence, and are willing to work hard to earn their privileges. Paul especially would like to remain in his current school district after adoption, as the stability and consistency will help him adjust to a new family. They will need plenty of love and support from adoptive parents who can provide structure and predictability. 

Adoptive parents will need to be trauma-informed and have external community supports in place to help the boys continue maturing at home and at school. Xzavier and Paul will thrive in a family where they feel safe and appreciated. It would be great if their parents are active and involved in their community, and enjoy doing things as a family. Xzavier especially will need adoptive parents who accept him for who he is, aren’t judgmental, and are committed to his well-being. They should be able to advocate for him and understand the challenges he experiences. Additionally, both boys wish to remain in contact with their siblings, and need a home that will encourage these connections.

Boone County

Birthday: 10/15/04, 9/13/06

Child ID: 9079BC

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