Values art, friends, and family

Xzavier (9079B)

Art is a huge source of inspiration for Xzavier. He’s a talented, creative individual who quickly learns new techniques and skills to enhance his art. Other creative endeavors Xzavier enjoys are dance, talent shows, and he also plays the flute!

For fun, Xzavier enjoys playing chess, drawing, caring for animals and listening to music. He does well in school, where he has a close-knit friend group. After he graduates, Xzavier would like to go to college to study animation.

Self-described as caring, introverted, and sensitive, when Xzavier opens up to you he can be a bubbly guy! He is a mature, loving teenager who wants an adoptive family who will love him, support his goals, and ensure he continues to feel safe and appreciated.

Xzavier wants adoptive parents who “accept me for who I am, don’t judge me, can have fun, are comfortable, and who care for me.” He wants a family that he can easily talk to. Parents must be committed to him, and advocate for his LBTG needs, and understand the challenges he experiences. Xzavier would like a family that is active and goes out to do things together, but also at times just spend time at home together.

Xzavier needs trauma-informed parents who will provide love and support. He responds best to an authoritative, but supportive, parenting style. Earning age-appropriate privileges helps to motivate him. He wishes to remain in contact with his siblings, and wants a home that will encourage these connections.

Boone County

Birthday: 10/15/04

Child ID: 9079B

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