Outgoing and cheerful siblings

Zay & Chanel (9365AB)

Xavieren, who goes by Zay, is a happy, outgoing little boy who loves to laugh! He enjoys school and his favorite part is definitely getting to see all his friends, playing games, and having fun! He gets along with just about everyone and almost always has a big smile on his face.

Chanel is a happy little girl who loves talking to everyone! She’s never met a stranger and isn’t shy in new situations; she’s always up for making new friends! She’s happiest when she gets to play with her toys and especially when she gets to share them with her friends.

Zay and Chanel would do best in a two-parent home and would like a strong male role model to look up to. They hope for parents who are active and social who want to take them out to try new things and experiences. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Tippecanoe County

Birthday: June 2013, January 2015

Child ID: 9365AB

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