Siblings with lots in common

Xavier and Tanner (8405AB)

Xavier and Tanner are outgoing, caring siblings with a lot in common. They both love to travel, and enjoy playing board games (Tanner’s favorite is Monopoly). Drawing is a favorite pastime for them both, although they prefer staying active (Xavier likes going on bike rides, while Tanner prefers sports).

They each have their own distinct personalities, too. Tanner, the younger of the two, enjoys playing video games. Xavier likes to bake. Tanner wants to travel to Washington, DC, while Xavier would prefer Disney World. Xavier wants to be a firefighter. Or, maybe a superhero. Or at least have superhero powers. Tanner wants to do something where he can use all the math he’s learning.

They would do best in a family that can provide structure, safety, and clear boundaries. They want a family that enjoys being together, and will play with them. One-on-one attention is a must. Xavier loves animals, and would be thrilled with lots of pets. Tanner hopes his new family likes to travel, but if you ask him what he really wishes for – it is just to have an adoptive family. (8405AB) Ripley County

Ripley County

Birthdays: 11/28/07, 1/19/09

Child ID: 8405AB

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