Want to be adopted together

William & Donna (9436AB)

More than about anything, William wants to be a leader and good example for the people around him! He works hard to be better today than he was yesterday and always stands up for people getting bullied. He’s involved with the ROTC program at his school and is excited for the opportunity to help people all over the world! William is an active guy and likes to spend the summer playing lacrosse or just running around outside having fun. He really enjoys school, and earns good grades (another way he’s setting a good example!).

Always kind, Donna loves when her school does group projects where she gets to work with her best friends on something cool! She’s a big team sports fan and has played soccer and volleyball, and may want to join the swim team someday! She does well in school and especially likes her social studies class, because there’s always something new to learn.

William and Donna would do well in either a one or two-parent home and would love a forever family that came with brothers or sisters. William would prefer a conservative, church-attending family and Donna hopes for a family that encourages her to do after-school programs and cheers her on no matter what she does. They will thrive in a home with love and patience with parents who make communication a priority. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Marion County

Birthday: January 2008, October 2009

Child ID: 9436AB

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