Thoughtful, insightful, and loves dogs

William (9034)

William is a funny, creative young man who is full of potential! He loves art and is excellent at drawing animals and graffiti. He is thoughtful and insightful and loves talking to people and getting to learn all about them. One thing he likes to do when he’s relaxing is hopping on YouTube and seeing what funny videos he can find.

William is a huge animal lover and he’s at his happiest when he gets to play with dogs or take them for long walks! He’s always thrilled to help with their care, as long as he can make sure they’re loved! He enjoys staying active and loves playing football. In fact, his career goals are either to become a professional NFL player or to join the military!

 William would do best in a two-parent home where he is the only child so that he can get all the love and attention he deserves. He would do well in a single-parent home with a strong male or female role model. If there are other children they need to be older and more independent. Parents who are open and willing to communicate with William are ideal. He will thrive with structure and consistency with parents who make it his education a priority. He needs stability, reliability, and assurances that he is loved and supported. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Decatur County

Birthday: August 2006

Child ID: 9034

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