Always looking for a good book

Waylon (9638)

Waylon is a voracious reader with a creative mind! When he comes to a problem, he works hard to figure out how to find a solution! He’s observant which helps out with his video game playing, he always finds a clever way to beat a game. He likes to spend his time drawing or find a great new book to read!

He enjoys being active and Waylon would love to get more into sports as he gets older! He likes to hang around outside with his buddies playing games or finding fun things to do. He would do great joining a sports team or learning a martial art!

Waylon would do well in a two-parent home with active parents who like to do things together as a family. He hopes for parents who take him to his different activities or hobbies and who can encourage him to try new things or participate in new sports. He will thrive with parents who support him and cheer him on with whatever he’s doing. He does best with consistency and routine. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Tippecanoe County

Birthday: August 2013

Child ID: 9638

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