Loves music, shopping, and pets

Unique (8987)

Unique is a smiley young lady who is respectful, friendly, and – once she warms up to you – quite talkative! She’s working hard in school, and is always trying to improve herself! Unique enjoys pampering herself, painting her nails, and clothes shopping. (You always have to look your best!) Music is important to her and you can often find her singing or dancing along to her favorite songs. She is a big animal lover and is always delighted when she gets to see a dog! Not a picky eater, Unique’s been practicing in the kitchen to make some meals on her own.

Unique would do best in a one-parent home with a mom and plenty of support. She would thrive if she was the only child in the home; if there are other children in the home, they would need to be older and time would need to be set aside for one-on-one attention for Unique. Families should be able to provide firm, consistent structure and boundaries. She does best with a routine. Education needs to be made a priority. Patience with the transition into a forever home would be ideal. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children. (8987IA) Lake County

Lake County

Birthday: August 2008

Child ID: 8987

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