An enthusiast with lots of interests

Unique (8606)

Unique, who prefers to go by his middle name Chris, is a curious child that enjoys working with his hands, whether it is working on an art project or playing with his toys. Chris says he has many friends and likes school! He loves animals and wishes he had dogs and rabbits. He enjoys watching TV, playing with Nerf toys, and remote control helicopters. Chris  makes friends easily and has great enthusiasm when talking about his friends and activities he enjoys!

Chris will need a family that is able to care for him into adulthood and can provide him with the structure needed to continue to thrive. Chris would do well in a family that has older children to help model good behavior. He would love a family that has a large house, a large yard to play in, and pets. Chris has expressed that he would feel more comfortable with Caucasian family. He does very well with structure and one-on-one attention. (8606) Clark County

What Chris Enjoys

  • Remote control vehicles, especially helicopters
  • Nerf toys
  • Art

Chris's Strengths

  • Makes friends easily
  • Enthusiastic

Chris's Family

  • He would do best as the youngest child.
  • Unique will benefit from structure & plenty of one-on-one attention.

Clark County

Birthday: April 2006

Child ID: 8606

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