Quiet and grateful

Tyrone (8287)

“Quiet and Grateful.” What a way to describe yourself! Tyrone is a GREAT kid, who when you first meet him, presents as a little shy. But when he warms up, he’s a polite and friendly young man who has all sorts of interests. Tyrone really likes basketball, football, and video games. In school, his favorite subjects are computer science and engineering. He likes the Australian TV show Mako Mermaids. If he had three wishes, he has some imaginative, answers: 1. to be able to fly, 2. to have a lot of money, and 3. to visit Australia.

He’s had the opportunity to travel around the Midwest, and has been to the Rocky Mountains. He hopes to travel even more with his adoptive family. Once you get to know Tyrone, you’ll see how considerate and courteous he is. What else is remarkable about this remarkable young man? His goal for himself is to become a better person.

The home that would be best for Tyrone would be engaging, doing family outings, and support Tyrone’s participation in sports and other extracurricular activities. Tyrone would benefit from being in family where there is structure and stability, and if possible, a strong male role model. He would love a family that supports his interests. Tyrone has a close bond with his current foster parent, and would like to remain in contact post-adoption. An adoptive family will need training on how trauma affects children’s behaviors.

Lake County

Birthday: January 2008

Child ID: 8287

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