Determined and hard-working

Troyshawn (8827)

Troyshawn is a talented athlete and enjoys playing football and basketball. He would like to be on an organized sports team in the future. He is also a talented singer and dancer! Troyshawn is creative and artistic, and enjoys drawing superheroes or building with LEGOs. Those close to Troyshawn say he is a determined young man who can be very funny! He wants to be successful and works hard. The thing Troyshawn is most proud of is that he gets good grades – especially in science (he loves chemistry!).

Troyshawn needs active adoptive parents who will focus on his strengths and celebrate his successes with him. He will need parents who are available to him and will engage with him. He will thrive in a family that offers consistency, predictability, and structure. Troyshawn hopes that his adoptive parents like video games and sports, and especially will cheer him on in his athletic endeavors. It would benefit Troyshawn to have parents who can model appropriate communication skills. Potential families will need to be knowledgeable on how trauma affects a child’s behavior. It is important that Troyshawn continue to maintain some regular contact with his older brothers.

Marion County

Birthday: March 2008

Child ID: 8827

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