Outside-the-box creative thinker

Tristan (8875B)

You can usually find Tristan outside playing football or bouncing on the trampoline – both are great activities for this energetic young man! He’s also quite creative, and has a lot of artistic talent. He loves to design things, and is proud of his ability to think outside the box to make really cool, unique stuff. And if you’ve ever wondered how to change a Transformer from a car to a robot, he can show you in just seconds!

Tristan’s also pretty creative in the kitchen – this guy loves to cook! His favorite foods are crab legs and shrimp – he’s not learned how to cook them quite yet, but he does love to eat them! 

Tristan enjoys school and works hard to do well. He’s intelligent and does especially well with in-person, hands-on learning. Tristan is affectionate and helpful, and wants to believe the best about everyone.  He hopes to one day have a dirt bike and a horse.

Tristan needs a forever home that is supportive, caring and understanding. The ideal parents for Tristan will be able to model good communication skills and proper ways to express emotions. It may be best if he’s the only child in the home, so that he receives plenty of attention and support. He needs a family that will stick with him, and will maintain boundaries. He’s stated that he would like to have a mom and a dad who are “laid back and chill.” Tristan has siblings with whom he will need to maintain contact. It is important that a family understands the effects of trauma on a child.

Henry County

Birthday: June 2011

Child ID: 8875B

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