Working on his own style

TreyVaughn (9430)

TreyVaughn loves tricks of all different kinds! He’s got his own skateboard where he pulls some pretty sweet tricks! Basketball trick shots? He’s got those covered too. Card tricks and sleight of hand? He loves it! He likes to watch videos on all these so he can perfect his own style and make them look as cool as possible. TreyVaughn also likes to sit down and play some Fortnite on his Nintendo Switch and would love some teammates to join him!

TreyVaughn would do best in a two-parent home without other children so he gets plenty of attention. Parents who make communication a priority are ideal. He does best in a structured environment with rules that don’t change day to day. Parents who make education a priority are ideal. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Monroe County

Birthday: June 2011

Child ID: 9430

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