Hard worker who will make you laugh

Travis (9185)

Travis is a fun, sweet boy with a big sense of humor! He has a great imagination and loves playing and making up his own games to try out with friends. He likes to work with his hands whether it’s putting things together, taking them apart, or drawing something cool! Travis is likes to do his best and he works hard to get better at whatever he does. He adores animals and would spend all day hanging out with them if he could! Don’t ask him to pick a favorite though, that choice is too tough!

Travis would do best in a two-parent home with a strong male role model. He should be the only child, or if there are other children he should be the youngest by several years. He will thrive with parents who can provide stability and consistency, and who are there when he needs them. Parents need to be willing to take on any educational needs he may have in the future. Interested parents should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Clark County

Birthday: 8/26/06

Child ID: 9185

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