Thoughtful, poetic, and hopeful athlete

Travis (9170)

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A wordsmith in the making! Travis is a thoughtful teenager who expresses himself through writing poetry and rap lyrics. This has been helpful for him to process some of his emotions around being a youth in foster care. But he’s so much more than that – Travis is also a huge sports fan, and becomes really engaged when the conversation turns to football.

Fall is his favorite time of year, because it’s football season! He’s played defensive tackle, tight end, and middle linebacker. His favorite position was middle linebacker — he really enjoys tackling! Travis prefers watching action movies to reading books and, like many teen boys, video games are his lifeblood: Call of Duty and Fortnite are his current favorites.

Travis would love to visit Colorado again someday, this time with his adoptive family. Given all the changes in his life in recent years, Travis is working on focusing on the present, though when he thinks about his future, he thinks he’d like to join the Marines. He displays a great self-awareness of and is hopeful for what lies ahead. The best things about Travis are he considers himself to be a loyal friend, and is kindhearted and considerate of others.

Travis will do well with a committed family that has strong boundaries, with patient parents who display healthy coping mechanisms of their own. Finding constructive activities will help Travis harness his energy into positive outlets. The best family for Travis would have clear rules and expectations where trust can be built between Travis and his adoptive home. Travis would like a mom and a dad, and there are siblings, Travis would like them to be his age or older. He wants young, active parents who will allow him to a join a football team. Extended family is important to Travis, and he is hopeful his adoptive home will help him remain in contact with them.

Elkhart County

Birthday: December 2005

Child ID: 9170

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