Enjoys cooking, being silly, and watching WWE

Travis (8496A)

Travis describes himself as silly – he can be a real comedian! He is fashion-focused, and takes pride in what he wears, with his Air Jordans ranking as his most prized possession! Travis enjoys playing board games, like Connect Four and UNO, but he also likes to play sports (especially basketball and hockey).

If you ask Travis for some of his favorites, he’ll quickly tell you: Chicago Bulls are his favorite basketball team; Harry Potter movies are his favorite films; and John Cena is definitely his favorite wrestler. As for his favorite music? Country! 

Travis likes to help cook, and is pretty content to flip through cookbooks looking for a new recipe to try. He is quick to lend a helping hand, and is a caring young man.

Travis would benefit from being the youngest (or only) child in an adoptive home. Travis will do better in a two-parent home, so he can have the structure and attention he needs. Prospective adoptive parents should set reasonable expectations for Travis. He may need additional prompts or reminders to stay on task. Consistency and routine are very important for Travis. (8496A) Marion County

Marion County

Birthday: November 2003

Child ID: 8496A

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