Future music producer

Anthony "Tony" (8669B)

Anthony, who goes by Tony, is a fun and imaginative boy who enjoys being around people. What others like about Tony is he can be so silly and joyful! He loves to laugh, sing and dance. Tony is adventurous and open to trying new things. Tony is passionate about music. He has a pleasant singing voice, and is in the school show choir. His favorite musicians are Bruno Mars and Twenty-One-Pilots. He wants to pursue a career as a music producer someday. For fun, Tony likes to spend time outside, playing basketball or football. He hopes to have a family that likes sports, and will play games of pick-up basketball. Tony describes himself as caring and “a good listener.” His favorite thing about himself is that he likes to help others.

Tony would do best in a one- or two-parent home but any parents would need to be male. He would need to be the only child in the home and he can’t be in a home with animals. Tony needs parents who are intentional, encouraging, and focused on his educational success. Tony will benefit from lots of one-on-one attention and supervision. (8669BDD) Monroe County

Monroe County

Birthday: November 2004

Child ID: 8669B

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