Creative and helpful, outdoorsy and kind-hearted

Tommy (9149)

Creative, helpful, active, and bright — those are all great ways to describe Tommy! Loving and kind-hearted, Tommy is always ready to help out — especially if you’ve got an outdoor task for him, like pulling weeds or mowing the lawn. He loves being outside, especially if he has the chance to go fishing, swimming, or ride his bike.

But what he really likes is anything that has a motor! He likes riding dirt bikes, four wheelers, and fixing up cars, especially muscle cars. His perfect adoptive family lives in the country, and he hopes he has a brother his age.

Tommy is a really bright kid, and when he receives encouragement and support to achieve his full potential, can do great in school. This teen is incredibly creative, and enjoys drawing and building things — he’s spent years collecting LEGOs, and he can build some most impressive creations!

Tommy would do well in a single or two-parent family, with siblings or as an only child. He needs a family that will encourage him to apply himself in school, and help him stay active in sports and other extracurricular activities. Interested families should be aware of the impact that trauma can have on a child.

Dearborn County

Birthday: October 2005

Child ID: 9149

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