True outdoorsman

Timothy (9614)

Timothy loves the outdoors so it’s no surprise his favorite season is summer! He likes to be outside riding bikes with his friends or climbing whatever trees he can find! He also enjoys spending an afternoon heading to the local park and shooting hoops with his friends. He’s a great student and excels at math, he enjoys making all the numbers work together!

When he’s indoors, Timothy likes to spend his time playing video games or working on arts and crafts! He’s an excellent artist and likes to show off the cool drawings he makes. He likes animals of all kinds and would love to have his very own pet someday. He likes animals so much he even likes pretend animals which is why he’s a big Pokemon fan!

Timothy would do well in either a one or two-parent home and would do best with a patient transition into a forever home. He thrives with one-on-one attention so parents who can make sure to set aside special time just for him are ideal. He hopes for parents who make communication a priority and work to ensure he feels heard and understood.

Vigo County

Birthday: July 2011

Child ID: 9614

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