Adorable kid with a megawatt smile

Timothy (9067)

Timothy is a super happy kid who has a great big smile that will light up a room! He’s a joyful and curious boy, who loves to have fun playing with sensory toys. He can be a little rough and tumble when he’s playing with you, but that’s only because he’s affectionate, and sensory-seeking. Timmy likes a good hug, and to hold hands with a friend. What’s a good day for Timmy? Being active! He likes to unwind by doing physical activities, whether it’s running, corn hole, or playing with a ball. Timmy’s favorite activity is playing in water. He could spend the day in the water, or running through a sprinkler. Timmy’s caregivers adore him, because he’s loving and joyful. He shines with one-on-one attention from others. Aside from his resilience, what people love most about Timmy is he is simply adorable. Everyone that crosses his path loves him!

Timothy has done well in a placement where he has consistency and attention. He will thrive in a home setting where he can have lots of attention from a loving family. He needs adoptive parents that are physically and emotionally strong. Because he is sensory-seeking, Timothy loves to be held and play rough. Adoptive parents must be healthy and active enough to lift him, play with him, and keep up with his energy level. He will need increased supervision. For his safety, Timothy’s adoptive home may need to be modified for his needs. Timothy has so much love to give. He needs an adoptive family that will love him and see how special he really is. Everyone who cares for Timothy agrees that with proper care, attention, and support, Timothy will be set up for success! (9067) Hendricks County

Hendricks County

Birthday: 11/30/10

Child ID: 9067

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