Quick witted with a million jokes

Thomas (9508)

Thomas has a quick wit he loves to use to make people laugh! He talks just as quickly as he thinks so you’ll have to be on your game to keep up! He’ll do about anything to make someone smile, and has a million jokes he likes to share with people. Thomas prefers the indoors and likes to spend the morning on YouTube learning about new things — his current passion is computer animation! Thomas is a big fan of video games where he can complete with other players online — he’s a pretty competitive kid, and of course, he likes to use his quick wit to throw other players off so he can win! 

Thomas would do well in either a one- or two-parent home and would love a forever home that came with brothers or sisters. He enjoys being a good role model for younger children, and tries hard to be the type of older brother they’d want to emulate. Parents who respect that he’s more of an indoor kid while still encouraging him to get outside and experience new things are ideal.

He’s got a lot of energy, so an active family is a must. Parents should be able to provide consistency and a calm environment for Thomas, and be able to dedicate some one-on-one attention to him. Patience will be needed during the transitional period. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Jefferson County

Birthday: Oct. 2010

Child ID: 9508

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