Loving and family-focused

Thallia (9088)

Thallia can be very shy when you first meet her, but once she gets to know you, she opens up. (She needs to be sure she can trust you first, though.) She is family-oriented and longs to be part of a forever family. Her love for her siblings and biological family is evident – in fact, loving is one of the main ways that people describe Thallia. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, and has a silly sense of humor, especially around her peers. Thallia has also recently discovered how much she likes playing soccer, so it would be great if her adoptive family has a similar interest (and skill!).

Family is very important to Thallia, and she needs an adoptive home that she can feel secure and confident in. She would do well in a single-parent or two-parent home – the primary thing she needs in a family is stability and to know that her parents love her unconditionally. Thallia does well with older or younger children in the home; she may benefit from having an older sibling to look up to and whose behavior she can model. Interested families should be knowledgeable in trauma-informed care, and should understand that each child copes with their trauma differently. Parents should be able to encourage Thallia to share her feelings, and ensure she feels supported and safe doing so. (9088) Madison County

Madison County

Birthday: 9/7/05

Child ID: 9088

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