Likes a good puzzle

Terwin (9159)

Like a lot of artists, Terwin is pretty eccentric (in the best way). Most of the time, you can find Terwin drawing or working on a new artistic creation. When asked about his favorite colors, his answer are surprisingly exact: “lime green,” “electric purple,” and “midnight blue.” No surprise here, but Terwin wants to be an artist when he gets out of school, and would love to have a family that encourages his creative side.

Terwin likes to solve a good puzzle! For fun, he likes to do brain-buster games on his iPad. When he needs a break from that, Terwin likes to watch movies with his friends. For Terwin, life is better when he’s busy. He is an incredibly bright young man who is selfless and caring, and if you don’t look out, he just might win your heart!

Terwin needs a family that will spend a lot of quality time together, helping him with his schoolwork and supporting him as he tries new things. A family will need to take an active role in his education, and be patient and understanding as he processes the adjustment to an adoptive home. Parents must be knowledgeable on how trauma can affect a child.

Floyd County

Birthday: November 2004

Child ID: 9159

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