Lots of love to give

Ternae (8515)

Ternae is one of a kind! He’s a sweet, kind, and helpful young man. He describes himself as “funny and goofy,” and we think he’s a joy to be around. Ternae likes to play LEGOs, color, and watch Dragonball Z. He enjoys arts and crafts, and likes building things out of paper, including airplanes and origami. Ternae is doing well in school now, and is on A/B Honor Roll. He enjoys playing basketball and football. Ternae is learning to cook in school, and enjoys making lasagna, spaghetti, healthy snacks, and salads. Ternae’s favorite thing about himself is that he’s “funny.”

Ternae would do best in a family that is patient and understanding. He has a big heart, with a lot of love to give, and would thrive with parents who are ready for the joy that he can bring into their life. (8515MN) Allen County

Ternae's Family

  • A family should be creative and flexible in advocating for his educational needs. 
  • Ternae thrives with one-on-one attention, structure, and consistency, and it would be best if he was the youngest or only child in a family so he can get the attention he needs.
  • Ternae has a strong desire for adults to love him unconditionally, and help him overcome his struggles to help him succeed. He is a hard worker, and is always willing to help out.

See Ternae on WNDU’s “Wednesday’s Child” 

Allen County

Birthday: 1/12/04

Child ID: 8515

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