Lots of love to give

Ternae (8515)

This kid is one of a kind! Ternae is a sweet and helpful young man, and while he has been through a lot in his young life, he still has so much love and joy! He enjoys being goofy and delights in making other people laugh. He makes friends easily and is respectful to adults and peers alike.

This affable teen loves drawing and LEGOs and is an excellent swimmer. And by excellent, we mean he should be on a swim team! He’s not a huge fan of the outdoors, unless there’s a water gun fight in progress – then he’ll join in the fun!

Ternae is eager to be adopted and have a family to call his own. He’s more than his past, and has lots of love to give. What he wants most of all are parents who will accept him as he is.

Ternae's Family

  • A family should be creative and flexible in advocating for his educational needs.

  • Ternae thrives with one-on-one attention, structure, and consistency, and it would be best if he was the youngest or only child in a family so he can get the attention he needs.


  • Ternae has a strong desire for adults to love him unconditionally, and help him overcome his struggles to help him succeed. He is a hard worker, and is always willing to help out.

See Ternae on WNDU’s “Wednesday’s Child” 

See Ternae on WNDU’s “Wednesday’s Child” 

Allen County

Birthday: 1/12/04

Child ID: 8515

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