Hopes to be a Boy Scout

Tayvein (9455)

Tayvein loves being outside and exploring nature! He loves spending a weekend being out in the woods hiking or checking out the forest! He’s been talking about joining the Boy Scouts soon so he can learn even more and get some real experience out there. Tayvein is very inquisitive and likes to ask questions when he knows someone can teach him something! He likes wrestling and is hoping to join the school team someday.

Tayvein would do best in a two-parent household without other children, if there are other children they should be older by a few years so he gets plenty of attention. He hopes for a male role model who can teach him all the things he needs to learn in life. He will thrive in a home with consistent rules and structure that don’t change day to day. He would prefer to remain in Indiana, as he has siblings in-state and would like to maintain a relationship with them. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Floyd County

Birthday: Dec 2009

Child ID: 9455

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