A Girl Scout who loves "Sweet Valley High"

Ta'Shonda (8571)

Ta’Shonda is a sweet girl! She describes herself as “talkative, helpful, and active.” Ta’Shonda participates in and enjoys Girl Scouts. She loves to sing, and her favorite type of music is R&B. In the summer months, Ta’Shonda enjoys swimming. She also likes playing Just Dance 2016 on the Xbox and reading books from the Sweet Valley High series. Ta’Shonda believes one of her strengths is that she is helpful. She hopes to go to New York City someday.

Ta’Shonda will do well with a single mother that is patient and understanding, and can be a positive role model for her. She would do well as an only child or with younger siblings. A potential adoptive mother must provide stability, consistency, and clear expectations and boundaries. A good sense of humor will go a long way. Ta’Shonda hopes to have a family that will go to the mall and the waterpark together. (8571) Lake County

Lake County

Birthday: May 2005

Child ID: 8571

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