Aspiring nurse with strong leadership skills

Talitha (8878)

Talitha is a friendly young lady! She likes to meet new people, and cares for others. When she is older, Talitha wants to be a nurse, so she can help kids. Talitha likes shopping, and some of her favorite stores are Champs and Finish Line. She likes sports, plays basketball, and hopes to be on a dance team at her school. She loves to listen to music and dance! Talitha’s three wishes are to be adopted by a caring family, to be loved, and for someone “to have my back.” Talitha has wonderful leadership qualities.

Talitha would do best in a single or two-parent home with a strong, female role model. She would do well in a home where the parents are nurturing, understanding, and value education. Talitha needs a family that can provide structure and permanency. Talitha would like parents who spend one-on-one time with her. (8878BD) Floyd County

Floyd County

Birthday: 2/27/03

Child ID: 8878

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