Brother and sister who love school

Sy'Annha & Sytree (8920BC)

Sy’Annha is a caring, helpful young lady who loves to participate in Girl Scouts! She has been with her troop for awhile and would love to continue in the future. Sy’Annha really enjoys reading, especially if she gets to read a book by Judy Blume — she wants to read all the Blume books she can! She enjoys time spent bouncing all around on the trampoline or getting to dance her heart out like her big sis. She also likes tv time, when she gets to watch SpongeBob (her favorite show!) or Frozen (her favorite movie!) If she received three wishes, she definitely knows what she wants: “an iPhone, an Xbox, and a lot of cute clothes and shoes.” One day Sy’Annha would love to be a teacher and have a class of her own to decorate!

Sytree is an athlete who works just as hard in school as he does on the courts! He likes to be helpful in the home and will even volunteer to take over tasks assigned to other kids. He plays on a basketball team and wants to be able to keep playing in the future. He really likes the camaraderie he found on the team! He loves video games, almost as much as he loves basketball, and his favorite games are the Call of Duty series and Fortnite (he could play them both for hours). Down the road, Sytree hopes to find himself employed as a police officer so he can help out even more people! Right now what he really wants is to keep improving at school and make the A/B honor roll next year.

Sy’Annha and Sytree would do best in a two-parent home. They would thrive if they were the only children in the home so they can receive plenty of one-on-one attention. Sytree would especially benefit from a strong male role model. Parents need to be able to nurture the children, both emotionally and educationally. Education should be made a priority for the kids as they all try to do their best in school. Both children enjoy participating in extracurricular activities so parents should be willing and able to help them achieve this. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Delaware County

Birthday: 5/4/07, 9/13/08

Child ID: 8920BC

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