A cowboy at heart

Steven (8314)

Steven is a teen with lots of interests! From playing Dungeons & Dragons to camping in the wilderness, there’s not much Steven doesn’t enjoy. He especially loves to fish and be outdoors as much as possible. Before fishing, Steven goes walking through the woods looking for all the wiggly and slimy things he can use as bait.

Steven works hard at everything he does. His favorite classes in school are woodworking and band — he’s playing the snare drum this year! He hopes to live on a farm with plenty of animals to take care of and love. I’ve been hoping for people I can live with that have farms. They would let me do a little tractor work. I love working with animals,” says Steven. “I like helping people.”

Steven very much wants to be adopted, and explains: “I just don’t like feeling alone. If I feel alone, it makes me feel sad and then I won’t have anybody to live with.”

Steven would do well in a single-parent family with support, or a two-parent household. This respectful and good-humored teen would thrive with a strong male role model to look up to. Parents should be able to provide plenty of supervision and structure. They will also need to be able to recognize Steven’s strengths and resiliency and attend to his emotional needs. If there are children in the home, it would be best if they were older than Steven. Interested families should understand the impact of trauma on a child’s life. 

Howard County

Birthday: June 2004

Child ID: 8314

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