Creative, unicorn-loving problem-solver

Sofie (9224)

Who loves unicorns, puzzles, and everything pink? This girl right here! (She’s also pretty keen on narwhals, but unicorns are still the best.) Sofie is quite proud of the work she’s done recently on puzzles – she’s patiently put together some pretty impressive ones! One of Sofie’s favorite things about herself is her laugh — it’s delightful, and you’re sure to hear it often when she’s around! Sofie is very intelligent and a great person to talk to: she’s going to ask you some good questions that are going to make you think!

Unicorns and narwhals aside, Sofie’s favorite animals range from butterflies to bunnies to guinea pigs. She’s made it clear that she’s not a fan of snakes…but might be able to conquer her fears and pet one, as long as it’s not poisonous! A great day for Sofie would be hanging out at the park and then going to McDonald’s to get some tasty snacks! 

Sofie would do well in either a one-parent or two-parent home and would be delighted to have a forever family that came with brothers and sisters. She will thrive with parents who are loving, patient, and can provide her with plenty of positive reinforcement. Sofie appreciates positive attention and one-on-one time, so if there are other children in the home, parents should still be prepared to set aside time that is just for Sofie.

Consistency and predictability help Sofie feel secure and lower her anxiety, so a family with a steady routine and expectations is ideal. Sofie will benefit from parents who encourage her, celebrate her accomplishments, and are willing to patiently love her as she grows into young adulthood. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Crawford County

Birthday: March 2011

Child ID: 9224

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