Wants brothers who will cheer him on

Skylar (9201)

Skylar is a natural athlete who loves sports! His favorites are definitely baseball and basketball, but he also likes football and wrestling. He thrives in just about any sport he participates in. In school, favorite class is gym but he also enjoys art class where he gets to work on creative projects.

He is also a good friend who cares about others. Skylar feels his emotions deeply, but is also pretty funny, too. When he just wants to relax, Skylar will play video games. When Skylar thinks about an adoption, he is optimistic about his future, and would like a forever family where he can have brothers. Skylar does well with younger children, and would joyfully take on a big brother role. He hopes for a family that is as adventurous and open to new activities as he is. Skylar picks up on new things very easily and he’s always interested in try something new and fun!

What others like best about Skylar is that he has a determination unlike anyone else. Those close to him think he would make a great attorney one day due to his persistence and debate skills.

Skylar would do well in either a single or two-parent home and would be thrilled to have brothers or sisters. He’s hoping for a forever family where he can have a strong male role model to set a good example for him. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Grant County

Birthday: 12/7/05

Child ID: 9201

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