Tenderhearted, loyal, and loves gummy bears

Skye (8787)

Skye is a kind young lady who is eager to please others! She is tenderhearted, and enjoys helping younger children. Skye likes to play games on her tablet, and also likes to play sports like kickball or dodge ball. Her favorite book is “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” If she could have three wishes, her wishes would be to get adopted, travel, and eat gummy bears! Skye is a loving girl who is loyal to her friends and loved ones. She is very respectful and wants to lend a helping hand!

Skye would do best in a family that can provide supervision and attention. She needs a family that has consistent boundaries and clear expectations. Skye does well with children, but it would be best if other children were more independent than Skye. (8787HC) Wells County

Wells County

Birthday: 9/20/05

Child ID: 8787

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