Libraries are their happy place

Shyla (9564)

Shyla is a lifelong learner who loves new experiences! Case in point: ask Shyla about their best day, and they’ll tell you it was getting to go to the library and check out anything and everything! That opened up all sorts of new avenues of learning, which is pretty exciting to Shyla. A big fan of fantasy novels, Shyla enjoys reading about new worlds and fantastical adventures — and sometimes Shyla will even add their own imaginative spin on a story through sketches and drawings. 

Shyla has a strong nurturing side, and enjoys looking after younger children and helping them with anything they need. Like most teens, Shyla puts a heavy emphasis on independence and personal freedom — which is part of the reason they want to get a job soon. They’re not quite sure what the future holds, but with such a dedication to education and learning, there’s no question that Shyla will go far!

Shyla would do well in either a one- or two-parent home, and will thrive with a patient family that emphasizes communication. It would be great if there are older, more independent siblings in the family too — people that Shyla can look up to, while still getting plenty of attention and support from their parents. A transition into any family will need to be done at Shyla’s pace to be successful. Shyla really values education and hopes for parents who will encourage and support all the academic endeavors they may want to pursue.


Crawford County

Birthday: July 2007

Child ID: 9564

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