A fun friend for life

Shelby (9212)

Shelby is a fun girl who loves to joke around! She likes to set goals for herself and works hard to achieve them; she’s always working to improve herself at home and at school. She’s a fan of sports and if you ask her which one’s the best she’ll tell you right away: basketball! Really Shelby likes anything that lets her stay active — she’s done gymnastics, likes to swim in the pool, and enjoys practicing new dance moves she finds on YouTube! 

Shelby’s favorite things to do are hanging out with her friends and getting to talk about what’s going on in their lives. She forms tight bonds and the people she cares about are the most important thing to her.

Shelby would do well in either a single-parent female-led home with support or a two-parent home. She would prefer that at least one of the parents is female, and would do best with no other children so she gets plenty of attention and support. Shelby will thrive in a home with routine, structure, and consistent rules that don’t change on a day to day basis.

She can take some time to warm up to people, and it will take her time to know she can trust a family, so interested families must be able to be patient with Shelby as she gets comfortable in a home. Parents with an understanding of attachment and trauma are ideal. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Vigo County

Birthday: May 2010

Child ID: 9212

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