Shooting hoops and sketching

Shawn (8731C)

Shawn is a caring and pensive young man who may come across as shy when you first meet — but once he opens up, you’ll see it’s a sweet guy with a big heart! A sensitive guy who cares deeply for his family, Shawn has found drawing to be a good outlet for processing his feelings and experiences. When he’s not drawing, you’re likely to find him on the basketball court, as that’s his favorite sport as of late. (But if there’s a soccer ball around, you might find him kicking some goals too!) If Shawn had three wishes, he would want to become a professional basketball player, drive a race car (when he’s not on the basketball court, of course!), and have lots more wishes.

Shawn will do well in either a single-parent or two-parent home, and would be happy to have a forever family that included brothers or sisters. Parents will need to be able to provide consistency and structure, and be patient as Shawn transitions into his forever home. He hopes for active parents who make him feel understood and loved. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Lake County

Birthday: June 2006

Child ID: 8731C

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