Independent and outspoken leader among her peers

Shaelyn (9064)

Shaelyn is an active and outgoing teen with an independent streak! She knows how to speak up for herself and advocate for what she needs, and has become a role model for her peers. Shaelyn enjoys playing soccer and swimming, but is also a self-proclaimed “girly girl” who loves shopping, getting her nails and hair done, and doing makeup. She enjoys being around animals, and would do well in a family with pets. Shaelyn thrives on individualized attention and appreciates one-on-one time.

Shaelyn would do well in a two-parent family where she can receive plenty of one-on-one time with her parents. She would like a mom and a dad who are active and enjoy activities outside of the home. Shaelyn does well with younger and older children, although it would also be acceptable if there are no other children in the home. She needs a family that won’t give up on her and can patiently demonstrate unconditional love. Shaelyn will need to have strong boundaries, but should also be allowed to be a teenager and be given the opportunity to realize her potential. The adoptive family will need to help Shaelyn maintain contact with her siblings, and give her a space to feel like she belongs. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on a child, and should be well-educated in trauma-informed care. (9064) Vigo County

Vigo County

Birthday: 5/1/06

Child ID: 9064

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