Artistic, creative, and kind

Shadalena (9329)

Shadalena is a friendly and kind young woman who gets along with just about everybody! She describes herself as a real mix of “girly-girl” and “tomboy” since she likes Barbies and unicorns just as much as she likes playing outside! If you let Shadalena spend an afternoon bouncing around on a trampoline or riding her bike, she’s had a pretty great day! Just like if she gets to spend a day inside working on her art, she’s going to come up with some pretty fancy unicorn artwork she’s very proud of! Being able to be artistic and creative is a great outlet for Shadalena.

Shadalena would do best in a two-parent home, although a strong single-parent home with support will be considered. She would love a family that came with brothers and sisters. Shadalena will thrive in an environment of consistency and structure with rules and expectations that don’t change day to day. Consistency and routine help her feel safe and secure, and when she feels that way, she can be her best self! She needs patience during any transition. Shadalena can be an insightful young woman and has shown tremendous emotional growth recently; she will benefit from having a family that can acknowledge this growth and encourage it positively. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Fulton County

Birthday: October 2011

Child ID: 9329

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